Company Overview

MULANN is SME in France that offer product and solutions on two markets : AUDIO and Smart CARDS/Tickets. On its markets, MULANN has more than 120 active customers in more than 60 countries and realize more than 85% of its turnover outside France.

MULANN’s mission is to continuously offer the best products and services to its customers and add value through its industrial skills.

Key milestones for the company:

October 2012.  Jean-Luc RENOU acquired MULANN in Lannion (France), a company expert in test and quality control for the production of smart cards, magnetic strip cards and magnetic strip tickets.

December 2014.  MULANN registered at EURONEXT Paris (Access) and raised 1 Million Euros.

January 2015.  MULANN acquired PYRAL in Avranches (France), a company manufacturing and selling magnetics stripes for smart cards and audio recording markets. MULANN manufacures also slurries for the ticket industry.

MULANN Group has a board of administration with Jean-Luc RENOU as the chairman.

MULANN Management Team

 Jean-Luc RENOU
Chairman & CEO, 54 years old
Gradauted from Telecom ParisTech (1986), Jean-Luc has managed numerous development programs for audiovisual products (DVD , Set-top-box) as well as end-to-end systems for the Digital TV industry (Satellite, Terrestrail, cable and IPTV networks).He worked more than 8 years in Germany and USA.
Jean-Pierre BARDON
Managing Director MULANN Industries, 58 years old
Graduated ESEO Angers (1982), Jean-Pierre has held several General Management positions in the Food industry and Electronic Industry : Keroman Alu Transition Manager (1 year), CEO of La Trinitaine SA (4 years), M&A Project Coordinator (1 year), CEO of Kannad SAS (3 years), Business Group Director at Martec (1 year), TEMEX group Director of Operations (3 years).