Company Overview

MULANN is a SME in France that offers products and solutions on two markets : AUDIO and Smart CARDS/Tickets. On its markets, MULANN has more than 120 active customers in more than 60 countries and realize more than 85% of its turnover outside France.

MULANN’s mission is to continuously offer the best products and services to its customers and add value through its industrial skills.

Company milestones:

October 2012.  Jean-Luc RENOU acquired MULANN activities in Lannion (France) with expertise in testing and performing quality control for the manufacturing of magnetic stripes, smart cards and tickets.

January 2015.  MULANN acquired PYRAL activities in Avranches (France) and created MULANN Industries, a company manufacturing and selling magnetics stripes for smart cards and audio recording markets. MULANN manufacures also slurries for the ticket industry.

March 2016. Mulann created a new brand RecordingTheMasters to accompany its development of analog audio tapes with the investment program Long Live Analog

July 2018. Mulann opened a new subsidiary company in the USA, Mulann USA Inc. in order to strengthen and develop its audio market across the Americas

November 2018. Mulann start the production of the audio tape in the cassette format, a “worldwide première” since more than 15 years. Launched at the cassette store day, Mulann sell a new blank cassette FOX 60′ under its brand RecordingTheMasters

MULANN Management Team

 Jean-Luc RENOU
Chairman & CEO, 58 years old. Jean-Luc like to develop best-in-class products for the industry, B2B or B2C worldwide.