Our Mission and our Vision

Our Mission


MULANN mission is to offer best-in class products on international markets for professionals and consumers.

COMMITTED TO BETTER MANUFACTURING” is the baseline of MULANN Group, as we want to support and serve our customers and ensure the best quality of their products at the lowest price.


Our Vision

The industry is in full mutation and driven by technology and transition to digital. MULANN is one of the latest company in the world capable of manufacturing magnetic stripes, the only media that can record and playback both analog and digital information. MULANN vision is to value this media and offers alternative solutions to professionals and consumers.

  • analog sound recording and playback offers a different musical experience than what digital sound / streaming offers today.
  • data storage on magnetic stripe can still offer today a very cost effective solution compared to newer chip-based technologies.

Our Values

MULANN Group is a company that recognizes how the power of individuals, diverse cultures and teamwork, creates superior experiences for our customers and employees.

  • Openness: we develop and emphase transparency and free, unrestricted access to knowledge and information, as well as collaborative or cooperative management and decision-making.
  • Global Good: we create, develop, and deploy commercially-viable technologies that improve and respect life in all countries.