Our Mission and our Vision

Our Mission


MULANN mission is to create and sell products on international markets for industrials in order to give them the best solutions to manufacture. That for, MULANN Group has structured its offer through three branches of activity: Consumables, Machines and Technologies.

  • Consumables give us the means to work closely, on daily basis, with our customers in their production and to tailor to the machines they use to manufacture their products.
  • Machines help our customers to improve their performances to produce at the best price, empowering there manufacturing workflows developing smart machines for test and production.
  • Technologies enrich our offer through hardware and software components and products, which allow our industrial customers to adapt faster to new technologies changes in their domains.

COMMITTED TO BETTER MANUFACTURING” is the baseline of MULANN Group, as we want to support and serve our customers to accelerate their production workflows and ensure the best quality of their products at the lowest price.


Our Vision

The industry is in full mutation. MULANN Group is part in this transition to the industry 4.0, transforming factory control and production structures, increasing agility and flexibility in the production process. Smart factories and Global factories can react faster on changing market requirements.

The core of this transition lies on machines, providing a new way of monitoring for operators. Machines are connected to Machines, and a huge number of indicators from all machines are provided in real-time,  offering though big data processing, new capabilities to predict and optimize the workflows.

The smart factory is a  factory connected in a global network of multiple sites, in order to ensure a maximum efficiency in configuration, maintenance and performance of the overall production system.


Our Values

MULANN Group is a Global Company that recognizes how the power of individuals, diverse cultures and teamwork, creates superior experiences for our customers and employees.

  • Openness: we develop and emphase transparency and free, unrestricted access to knowledge and information, as well as collaborative or cooperative management and decision-making.
  • Global Good: we create, develop, and deploy commercially-viable technologies that improve and respect life in all countries.