High Quality Audio Recording


Former BASF Magnetic activity, with almost 100 years history, MULANN has several unique chemical formula which are used and dedicated for audio recording in several domains such as music, cinema, and instrumentation. Those formula are recognized worldwide as the best quality provided for audio and sound recording. MULANN takes the leading role with its excellent products by satisfying customer’s request and following trend of the world.

Those products are used by studios to create new contents in music and cinema on one side, and, on another side, they are key for archiving as analog storage ensuring data quality and reliability level at the end of long conservation during 40 years.


Our communication on all products for audio can be found on www.recordingthemasters.com



Music Studios
The Analog professional AudioMaster tapes are used for the sound recording in the music industry and recognized for their outstanding acoustic properties. Different Master tapes such as SM 900, SM 911, SM 468 and LPR35 are available in different formats, hub types (Trident, AEG and NAB) and packagings.


Cinema & Studios
Perforated magnetic film is designed for the sound recording in the Film industry. The quality of those products is a recognized worldwide for the cinema, television and radio.


Wideband Precision  / High Resolution Instrumentation Tape, Instrumentation tapes are used in the data-recording for military and aerospace application. These tapes are designed for optimal performance on IRIG instrumentation tape recording systems.  The construction and formulation of these tapes has been engineered for consistent performance with previous generations of instrumentation tape.