Tickets & Transports




For the TICKETING & PRINT Industry
We produce and sell Solvent / Water Based Magnetic Slurries for Rotogravure and Magnetic Inks. The magnetic slurries are used  for the manufacturing of encodable stripes on paper or plastic substrate by rotogravure. These products are mainly manufactured for access cards (tickets for subway, train, plane, car park, motorway etc.) and must be subjected to a magnetic orientation.


Water based Magnetic inks for Rotogravure

The magnetic slurries are designed for the manufacturing of encodable stripes by rotogravure and must be subjected to a magnetic orientation.

Our research is particulary focused on water based magnetic slurries for the following reasons :

  • Avoid any solvent that impacts the atmosphere deleting the use of recycling material (legislation in force)
  • Avoid inhalation of solvents included in the products
  • Avoid any risks of storage regarding solvents
  • The right viscosity of the slurry is obtained by addition of water (lower solvent costs)
  • Easy transport and packing of the products


Magnetic Inks for Offset Printing
Many different magnetic inks printable in offset, silkscreen are produced according to differents requests (antifraud, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and security field). Magnetic inks are used for the manufacturing of bar code, numbering, and writing. Magnetic recognition by detection.