Smart Cards

We design and manufacture products for the Smart Sard Industry.





Transfer Tapes.   They are available in brown or black, blue, red, gold and silver colour or any Pantone colour upon request can be applied to either paper or plastic. Double sided tapes are also available in gold and silver colour.

Laminated Tapes.   They are used for parking, motorway and transport tickets.

Slurries & Inks.   The magnetic slurries and inks are used  for the manufacturing of encodable stripes on paper or plastic substrate by rotogravure. These products are mainly manufactured for access cards (tickets for subway, train, plane, car park, motorway etc.) and must be subjected to a magnetic orientation.

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MachinesTest Machines.  MULANN has developed a range of products and software solutions powering quality control and production control for the smart card and ticketing industry. Designed in compliance with ISO standards (7810, 7811, 7816, 10373, 14443, 15693, 24789, 15457) and specifications such as EMVCO, MasterCard, Visa, GCB, MULANN’s products are optimized to reduce testing time and offers unique features to detect production flaws. Each MULANN product has been designed to primarily address one of the three  following types of customer’s need:

Access  ACCESS  Provide tools to compliant with standards at the best price tradeoff.
Evolution  EVOLUTION  Make available versatile tools to go beyond the norms and enable deeper analysis.
Productivity  PRODUCTIVITY  Ensure efficient tests on large volume, optimize operation time and capture results.


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HARDWARE & SOFTWARE : TechnoContact & Contact-less, EMC, CQM, HSM , NFC, RFID

The Secure Module for contact and contactless smart cards is a smart card with an embedded operation system which performs secure operations with another memory or micro processed cards. HSM, Hardware Security Module is a scalable security modules server. It is able to make transactions through SAM (Security Access Module) or PIC security modules. It has its own management software with TCP/IP interface eliminating the need of direct access to the hardware.

We develop a contactless smart card reader and writer for high speed applications. With a compact size this device can be used for smart card transactions using cards ISO 14443 types A, B and Felica and supports NFC applications. It also works as a smart card tester and can be connected on POS through a custom serial cable.